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Must-haves to achieve a holiday wonderland

The end of the year marks a period of heightened festivity. Come the holiday season, homes and businesses are decorated and everyone seems...

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Why are Christmas colors red and green?

Many people may not get in the holiday spirit without decorations and all the trimmings. Chances are strong that if you have containers...

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Steps for hanging holiday lights outdoors

It begins to look a lot like Christmas when twinkling lights brighten up homes inside and out. Few things liven up the season more than...

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The meaning of the menorah

Menorahs are a prominent symbol of Chanukah. Menorahs are seven-branched candelabras that have been used in Jewish worship since ancient...

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Did you know?

It is customary to decorate for the holiday season, but not everyone has the time, inclination or wherewithal to handle the task. Those who...

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